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Knoxville Textured Overlays & Patterned Concrete Experts

Textured overlays

Knoxville textured overlays, and patterned concrete is something we specialize in here at Artisans Concrete. We’ve earned our spot as a leading service provider for concrete restoration, including specialized tasks. Your concrete should be as beautiful as it is sturdy.

Stamped overlays are one of several options you have as a homeowner to improve the look of your concrete surfaces. Why settle for drab and dull when you can have fabulous and exciting-looking concrete? You’ll appreciate the aesthetic benefits from our professional textured overlays and patterned concrete.

Whether you want to mimic the appearance of a more luxurious material or simply create a unique look, we can make that possible. Contact us today to begin planning for your concrete enhancements and modernize the look of your home.

Coating & Patterned Concrete

Once you realize you have options available, like textured overlays, it opens up countless possibilities. As a premier choice for Knoxville concrete restoration, you’ll appreciate our dedication to excellence.

It’s important to have options as a homeowner; no one wants to settle when it comes to the details of their dream home. Although dull, grey concrete has been the norm for decades, it’s not the only choice now. You can use coating and patterned concrete to upgrade and update your surfaces.

Beautify and revitalize your concrete surfaces while mimicking looks like:

  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Slate
  • Brick
  • Natural Materials

The best part is that you can improve the look of your concrete without the need for replacing it. Let us show you the exciting options you have so you can make the best possible choice for your property.

Understanding How You’ll Benefit

Take exterior concrete staining and sealing, for example. This changes a porous surface to nonporous while enhancing the aesthetics.

Concrete resurfacing (texturing) is a specialized technique by which an existing slab is “overlaid” or “coated” with a special modified cement blend. Resurfacing an existing cement slab creates a clean and blank new canvas. The new surface is more durable, bonds better with stains and sealers, and can allow for the use of patterns that mimic wood, tile, slate, and stone for a fraction of what the real thing would cost.

To find out more about textured overlays as options for your Knoxville home, call Artisans Concrete right now.


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