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Frequently Asked Concrete Restoration Questions - Answered By Artisans Concrete

Artisans Concrete is a local resource for concrete restoration in Knoxville, offering residential and commercial services. We also want to provide our customers with the information and industry knowledge they need. Review some of our Frequently Asked Questions, then contact us with additional inquiries or to schedule your service appointment.

Why Is Concrete Polishing Such A Popular Service?

Concrete polishing as a concrete restoration service has become increasingly popular as of late, and for many good reasons. Polished concrete improves the appearance, eliminates the presence of concrete dust, and makes the surface stain-resistant - just to name a few. Contact Artisans Concrete today to set up an appointment to discuss the benefits of polished concrete and discuss your project.

What Concrete Application Is Right For My Property?

As concrete specialists, we offer a variety of services. It’s easier to meet and review your options and help you decide what would work best for what you’re trying to achieve. We offer premium but competitively priced services for residential and commercial projects.

I Thought These Types Of Services Were Meant For Commercial Property - Can I Use These In My Home Too?

The services we offer work for homes and businesses; it all depends on the look you want to achieve and your goals for finishing your concrete. More homeowners are opting for finishes that provide “showroom-quality” looks but that work beautifully inside a home.

Can I Use Decorative Concrete Outdoors?

Not only can you use decorative or stamped concrete outside, but it’s also quite popular. Add beauty and durability to your patio or other concrete surfaces with this type of finish.


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