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Experienced Industrial & Commercial Concrete Professionals In Knoxville

Artisans Concrete is a name in Knoxville that has become synonymous with excellence for all facets of commercial concrete. Although we’re known for our concrete restoration, this includes service for commercial and industrial concrete.

We offer a variety of essential services, all of which are intended to fit your needs and your budget. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the work you need for concrete improvements.

High performance flooring

High-Performance Flooring

For high-performance flooring when it comes to commercial concrete or industrial concrete, you can count on Artisans Concrete to deliver superior results. Beautify and protect your floors while making them safe and easy to maintain, and it all starts by calling us for service.

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Resinous coatings

Resinous Coatings

Wait until you see what our resinous coatings can do for your flooring. When it comes to Knoxville concrete restoration, Artisans Concrete can’t be surpassed.

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Commercial concrete polishing


For superior commercial concrete and industrial concrete, the polishing makes a world of difference. Call us to schedule an appointment for commercial concrete polishing, and rest assured you’ll be satisfied with the outcome of our team’s work.

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Floor preparation

Floor Preparation

To take good care of the flooring for your commercial or industrial establishment, it’s all about working from the ground up. Our floor preparation is a vital part of the commercial concrete work we do in Knoxville, so call us now for your appointment.

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