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Concrete Moisture Control & Moisture Testing For Knoxville Properties

Moisture control

Artisans Concrete is proud to hold the title of a premier choice for moisture control, serving customers in Knoxville and nearby communities. As part of our commitment to superior concrete restoration, we offer moisture control and interior concrete staining tasks. We want to improve the current condition of your concrete.

Moisture is present in all concrete in some amount. Addressing this issue helps minimize issues and damages that can result from the presence of moisture and dampness.

Getting ahead of moisture control will help make things less stressful. You don’t want to deal with concrete that “sweats” or the presence of dampness that causes issues like tile damage or mildew and mold. Concrete is porous by nature, which means you need to address the moisture problem early on or be faced with the ongoing consequences.

Problems That Occur From Concrete Moisture

As the premier choice for Knoxville area property concrete restoration, we feel it’s crucial to offer moisture control. Moisture exists in and transmits from all concrete at some level. A little is expected.

Too much can lead to a wide range of problems, from minor annoyances to catastrophic flooring failures. Artisans Concrete always incorporates a responsible level of slab evaluation and moisture testing or presumptive remediation into all of our flooring projects.

Some problems that can result from too much moisture:

  • Cracking/bubbling of floor covering or coating system
  • Frequent repair needs and shortened lifespan of concrete or flooring
  • Crumbling and eventual deterioration of concrete
  • Uneven floors and resulting tripping hazard
  • Mildew, mold, and rot development

Protect your property from moisture problems by contacting us for concrete-related moisture control.

Telltale Signs Of Moisture Presence Or Damage

If you have concrete, you can assume you have some moisture. You can avoid having problems by letting us handle the control measures. However, if you’re waiting to determine if you have existing moisture of issues related to dampness, consider this:

  • Do you see damp or darker spots on the concrete?
  • Are there black stains?
  • Does the room smell musty, mildewy, or damp?
  • Is there cracking or bubbling present?
  • Do you notice a white, chalky residue?

Get proactive about preventing damage from moisture. Contact Artisans Concrete today in Knoxville, and let’s deal with your moisture control.


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