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Professional Basement Floors & Concrete In Knoxville

Basement floors

Artisans Concrete wants you to make full use of your basement, no matter what purpose this space serves. We provide service for basement floors for homeowners in Knoxville and surrounding East Tennessee locations. Whether your basement acts as another bedroom, family games room, or simply storage, it should be in tiptop condition.

Our concrete restoration process has helped countless homeowners salvage their floors and renovate them completely. Just like we offer for garage flooring, we take a room that has otherwise been forgotten and give you the chance to put it to better use.

Every room in your home should be usable square footage, but that’s only possible when the floors are well taken care of. Let us provide you with the service needed to improve features like basement floors and improve your quality of life inside your home sweet home.

Basement Concrete

Why is concrete restoration for Knoxville area homes so important? The truth is that basement floors are commonly dismissed even though minor improvements could make a drastic difference. You can use this space and feel confident about the look and condition of the floors; just leave it to us.

Basement floors are notorious for being dull, grey, and damaged. Some common reasons for this:

  • Improper construction/installation
  • Neglect over time
  • Flooding, leaks, moisture issues
  • Mechanical impact
  • House settling

Maybe you're finally ready for basement remodeling and want to transform this room into a living space? However, even if you simply want to improve the floors for safe storage and improve your home's value, that's just as important. Artisans Concrete can provide you with the concrete restoration needed to completely makeover your floors so you can put them to good use and feel confident about their condition.

Improving & Protecting Your Basement Floors

No matter the current condition, it’s time to make some changes to your basement flooring situation. Our renovation service will address issues like cracks and then restore your floors to good-as-new if not better condition.

The goal is to create a strong, sturdy, and stable floor and foundation, and then we’ll also make sure it’s more aesthetically pleasing. If your Knoxville home could use a makeover for basement floors, give our team a call today.


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