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Knoxville High-Performance Flooring Specialists

High performance flooring

Artisans Concrete knows all too well why we’re the top choice for high-performance flooring in Knoxville. Our customers want and expect quality, which is what we’re able to deliver as premium concrete restoration specialists.

The goal is to end up with concrete flooring that is ready to offer peak performance and optimal longevity. That means proper mixing, installation, and curing for the best possible outcome. Whether you need additional resinous coatings or not, you can feel confident the final results of the job will be top-notch.

When you want high-performance flooring that offers exceptional strength and durability, we’re the company to trust. We understand the importance of determining the purpose of the job and installing flooring to adequately accommodate these needs and specifications. And if aesthetics matter, you can rest assured that our flooring will deliver on that front too.

High Traffic Commercial Concrete

For concrete restoration in Knoxville, you can always count on Artisans Concrete. Among our features for high-performance flooring are components that work perfectly for high traffic commercial concrete. Not all of your floors will be exposed to the same volume of traffic - or the same type of traffic.

Besides pedestrian traffic, your commercial and industrial floors have heavy machinery like forklifts to contend with. The lower the quality of the floors, the less time and money you’ll waste on repairs and replacement. In extreme cases, you could face downtime, which halts production, or face fines for failing to meet industry standards.

There’s no good reason to settle for less than the best. Let our team show you your options and help you find what would work best for your high traffic commercial concrete needs.

Benefiting From Our High-Performance Concrete Floors

You want your organization to run like a well-oiled machine, and floors are part of that equation. You need high-performance concrete to withstand the tests of time and offer benefits like:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Protective Coating
  • Slip Resistant
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Non-porous
  • Heat/Temperature Fluctuation Tolerant

And if it can look good too, that’s certainly an added bonus. Our floors look professional and perform well under pressure, so call us today for a quote. Contact Artisans Concrete in Knoxville to discuss high-performance flooring.


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