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First-Class Exterior Concrete Staining & Sealing For Knoxville

Exterior concrete staining sealing

Knoxville homeowners have discerning taste, and that includes exterior concrete staining. At Artisans Concrete, we know all of this because we’re a premier local provider for concrete restoration. From textured overlays for beauty to staining for protection, we do it all.

Let us show you the true potential of your concrete surfaces with our beautification options. Choose from upgrades like exterior concrete staining, and watch your surfaces transition from boring to beautiful.

Creating Your Dream Home With Perfect Details

As a leading resource for Knoxville concrete restoration, we take great pride in our ability to educate customers about the options available. Projects like exterior concrete staining improve the appearance of concrete surfaces while creating a more durable material.

We want you to feel good about all the details of your home and property. There’s no reason to settle for less than the best or less than what you truly want - including dull, grey concrete.

Using Staining & Sealing To Your Advantage

Simply staining and sealing an existing concrete slab is very attractive because it is the least expensive form of Decorative Concrete and can produce dramatic results. Translucent stains and dyes can provide very natural variations and an organic look. Opaque colors can hide stains and blend old and new slabs together. Bands and patterns can be scored to add interest and architecture. In short, plain boring concrete can be made to look totally custom and decorative at a very reasonable cost.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that with the majority of concrete slabs, the process is not quite as simple as one might wish (see the section on Concrete Staining and Sealing (Interiors)). Although the limitations on exterior concrete do not translate at quite the same level as interior, some still do exist.

Artisans Concrete has spent years developing a unique system to custom color and seal existing exterior concrete. It dramatically improves any concrete outdoor living space's aesthetic, feel, and curb appeal with a very high benefit to cost ratio. Although not perfect, the system has been performed and improved on many hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete with great success.

Call us in Knoxville to schedule your exterior concrete staining.


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