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Expert Interior Concrete Applications For Knoxville & Beyond

When homeowners in Knoxville start planning for interior concrete applications, they know the company to call is Artisans Concrete. We offer the services that our clients need and the finished work they’ll love. Choose from any of our services and contact us with questions, request your quote, or schedule your service appointment.

Basement floors

Basement Floors

No matter what you intend to use your basement for, our interior concrete applications will make a world of difference. Create an attractive and user-friendly flooring system with our concrete applications.

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Garage flooring

Garage Flooring

Imagine what you can do with your garage flooring once we get done with our interior concrete applications. We’ll create a showroom-quality floor for your personal garage, whether it’s a workspace, a home gym, a man cave - or something else altogether.

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Micro toppings


As a premier choice for Knoxville concrete restoration, we could tell you that micro-toppings are a single component thin concrete overlay. But what you really want to know about is how they help create the blank canvas for which we personalize the look and style of the finished flooring.

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Interior concrete stain seal

Interior Concrete Stain & Seal

You can’t offer professional concrete restoration without offering Interior Concrete Stain & Seal. Let our team show you the options you have for stain and then work to provide you with outstanding results.

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Interior concrete polishing


Polishing for concrete floors gives that clean, smooth, and high-gloss finish that’s so highly sought-after. Let our crew restore the look of your polished concrete with professional polishing.

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Moisture control

Moisture Control

Although concrete is present wherever there is concrete, we use methods to help with moisture control. Let Artisans Concrete provide you with service in Knoxville for this and all interior concrete applications.

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