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Floor preparation

Why is floor preparation so critical to us when it comes to taking care of Knoxville customers? At Artisans Concrete, we firmly believe that the service we provide should be a long-term solution instead of a quick but temporary fix.

There’s more to concrete restoration than people realize, but quality work is what matters the most. All the services we offer, from installation to commercial concrete polishing, are about longevity and peak performance.

The proper floor preparation makes all the difference in what we do, and we try to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Call us now with questions or to request a quote for your project.

Why Floor Preparation Matters

When you contact the best for concrete restoration in Knoxville, you’re guaranteed to see results. At Artisans Concrete, we offer floor preparation to your benefit.

  • Flooring manufacturers and installers will both agree that proper floor prep is critical to long-term success in the installation of any flooring material. It also has a tremendous impact on the life-cycle of the floor. Good floor prep lays the foundation for an installation that will last, often allowing the end-user to restore or even completely change the finish/color many years down the road at a fraction of the total replacement cost.
  • A myriad of variables has to be taken into consideration when formulating a floor preparation game plan. Conclusion: concrete hardness, structural and surface defects, cracks, hydrostatic pressure, and moisture-reactive contaminants are all factors. To maximize the value and effectiveness of a flooring system requires thorough experience and knowledge of concrete slabs and an extensive network of resources in products, technology, equipment, and tooling.
  • Artisans Concrete has over 35 years of direct concrete-related experience as well as an ever-expanding network of related product and equipment manufacturers and contractor partners nationwide.

Quality Service From Industry Specialists

It’s time to make choices about your commercial structure that make a difference. Choosing low-cost but inferior services or materials never works out long-term. We promise good value, which is quality results for affordable prices.

Give our pros a call today and determine how floor preparation will benefit your Knoxville commercial facility. Your satisfaction with our work is what matters the most.


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